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                                  OUR   PHILOSOPHY

IMKELLEY has defined the experience of comfort, excellence and customer service.

There is a difference between buying a dress off the rack and purchasing one that is taylor made for you

There is a difference between getting a wig out of the box vs. having one custom colored and crafted by IMKELLEY for you.

each hairstyle and wig is a personal statement, a brand, a visual finger print of who you are, that is an expression of individuality and uniqueness.

The essence of who you are from your personal style, hair color and haircut. We take your personality and profession into account with each hair design created for you.

At IMKELLEY your beauty is our duty.

When you enter into our salon we provide a service of excellence, a space of peace and professional ethics, and skill set. healthy hair is top priority and your experience of being so comfortable you won't want to leave, Rest assured we will book your next appt so that you are scheduled to come back as needed to maintain your look.

We look forward to meeting you and giving you the IMKELLEY experience.

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