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   Certified Trichologist
          Hair Colorist



Your  hair care solutions specialist 

I received my cosmetology license from the DC BEAUTY ACADEMY in Washington DC

and am also a Certified Trichologist.

 located in Columbia Md, you will find a number of  places to eat lots of shopping and other fun things.

I was born in Brooklyn, NY

and come from a family of 10 children. Me being the forth child.

Family means the world to me.

I have 3 children, One with special needs. who all fill my life with joy!

I love learning and expanding my skill set, whether it's hair related, technology or business. Everything changes in the blink of an eye and I embrace staying abreast of all the changes happening around us.

I absolutely love what I do

As an image makeover stylist. I see the beauty in you that you might not

My speciality is hair loss. color, cutting on your natural hair or hair extensions/wigs

with healthy scalp and hair first and foremost.

A little secret about me. I love butter  pecan Haagen Daz ice cream.

I enjoy reading, walking, fresh air, dancing music and I love capturing memories with photography

Exercise gives me clarity,  stamina and energy to help me to give you amazing shampoos and scalp massages!


Let me help you know what that means for you. I look forward to meeting and working with you and creating a customized look that fits your beauty needs and desires


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